Associated Paper Stock:
The Leaders in Paper recycling.

One of the largest brokers of corrugated cardboard in the Midwest, Associated Paperstock creates a greener workplace through tailored waste elimination and recycling solutions.

Healthy Environment

Recycling is not an option- it is a necessity to create a greener environment. It is a process in which you can save the environment and your surroundings.

By using our services you can reduce the amount of waste in landfills and in turn transform your recycled materials into a new product made of raw materials by using our services.

An environmentally sound company sets a good public and internal image.

From Manufacturers to Individual locations- we can help you make a difference and deliver results by providing beginning to end environmental solutions.

Recycling: an investment in America’s economy and job market

In addition to saving you money, corporate recycling has a positive impact on other businesses. The recycling industry employs thousands in Ohio alone, and more than a million nationally, as businesses produce new types of waste and larger quantities of it and as landfills run out of room. More and more jobs and a larger portion of the economy are directly related to recycling activities. From restaurants to law offices and manufacturing facilities, every company produces recyclable materials. Shredded paper, cardboard, plastics, newspapers, glass and pop cans all are regularly produced at most businesses.

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